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Out-of-the-Box Certification!



Nerino Petro, founder of CenCom (Illinois's premier provider
of legal technology), is proud to announce that he has earned the
certification that allows him to provide to his clients the
TimeMatters Practice Templates created by Out of the Box
Developers (OTB)

OTB Practice Area Templates for TimeMatters provide the ability to extensively customize the Time Matters interface to meet specialized client needs in specific practice areas.  The
price of each template is far less than the cost in hours of
consulting time that
CenCom, or any other TimeMatters
Authorized Independent Consultants (AIC), would spend to create
a far less extensive interface.

What makes the OTB Practice Templates so special is the
combined expertise of Tom Rowe, Bob McNeil and Mark Spengler,
three of the nation's top TimeMatters consultants.  Their combined experience as lawyers-turned-technology consultants has
produced a growing series of easy to use Practice Templates
 containing features previously unavailable elsewhere.

Current available templates include Personal Injury, with
Insurance Defense and General Litigation soon to be released,
along with several other OTB Practice Templates.

When combined with CenCom's  well developed system of
 TimeMatters project planning, training, and integration ,  OTB's
Practice Templates provide a powerful Case Management,
Document Automation and Management solution for you and your practice.

For more information, including a tour of OTB's Personal Injury
Practice Template, please visit or email
CenCom  at  or call CenCom at
815-636-1023 for a demonstration, either live or via the Internet.


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