Flexibility is one of the primary strengths of modern legal software packages; it can also be one of its major shortfalls. CenCom can provide the customization needed to take a general use package and make it meet the unique requirements of your practice.
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Legal professionals face unique challenges in the implementation and use of technology in their businesses. Each situation is different and a "one size fits all" approach doesn’t work in the legal market.

CenCom is, first and foremost, an independent consulting company who’s first duty and obligation is to the customer and not to any single product or company.

Technology Assessments:
CenCom can provide assessments of your current level of technology. This is often the first step in creating a clear picture of where the firm is today and where it needs to be to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. At costs starting at $350.00, a technology assessment can provide a clear picture of current technology and provide the basis for project planning and implementation.

Second Opinions:
Allow us to help you unravel the jargon and technical terminology used on any other company's proposals. We can assess the documentation and let you know what is really proposed , and help you determine the suitability and actual cost effectiveness of the proposal. 


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